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User-friendly CP

Our easy-to-work-with web hosting Control Panel gives you the unique chance to administer your website(s) and domain(s) from one single place. And with the drag & drop file upload option and the helpful right-click contextual menus, you can effortlessly manage everything related to your website.

Application Installer

A WordPress installation in less than two minutes, with only one mouse click? This is possible with our Web Applications Installer - it enables you to install over 40 popular scripts with only one mouse click. An automatic database creation option is available too.

24/7 Support

Our customer support service is backed up by a 1-hour response time guarantee - no matter what the problem is, our technical support team members will get back to you in no more than sixty minutes. And they are available 24x7.

How Does It Work?

Our Hosting Control Panel is very quick, very responsive and very user-friendly. It offers you complete control over your website(s) and domain name(s). View Demo

More Than Shared Hosting

  • An Advanced Hosting Control Panel
  • A Web Applications Installer
  • Free-to-Use Website Templates
  • A 24/7/365 Customer Support Service

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does not simply provide web hosting services - we provide hosting services that are easy to use. Regardless of whether you have a small-size personal web site, a web store or even a corporate website - we have the necessary tools, which will allow you to manage your website without difficulty.

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Easy-to-use Hosting Control Panel

The Hepsia hosting Control Panel is filled with free bonuses and tools. For example, you will see a collection of over 300 free-of-charge web themes. And if you are in favor of a more automated method, you can use our Website Installer. It will do the work on your behalf. Simply choose a web site skin and indicate where you want to install it. And if you desire to do it yourself, we also offer a web site building tool through which you can change every little aspect of your website, without having to understand anything about HTML.

Web Hosting Control Panel

Web Accelerators

For the more technically accomplished user, we've got a complete set of web accelerator tools - Varnish, Node.js, Memcached. These tools will help you optimize your website even further and boost its speed by tenfold. This way, you will make browsing your web site a smoother experience for your visitors and the website itself will achieve a higher search engine ranking.

Web Accelerators

Web Stats

Inside our Control Panel, you will also see our custom statistics tool. It requires zero setup, which goes to say that you will never have to insert code snippets or authorization tokens. It will start working the very moment you publish your web site to the World Wide Web. Our statistics tool will tell you everything you should know about how viewers interact with your website. And if you ever run into a problem - we offer an excellent 24x7x365 tech support service with an average response time of less than twenty minutes.

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